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LPL Transition

You may have recently heard – either from me or in the media -- about an agreement between Macquarie Financial Holdings Pty Ltd. and LPL Financial Holdings, Inc. to jointly acquire Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. It is my priority to keep you informed as details become available and to share what the acquisition may mean for you.

As you know, I am an independent financial advisor affiliated with Waddell & Reed, Inc. (WRI), a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor. WRI provides support to my business as I work directly with you. After the acquisition, LPL Financial LLC (LPL) will provide similar support services.

Your best interests are a top priority

My primary focus and core philosophy is to always act in your best interests. I sincerely value your steadfast dedication and will continue to serve your financial interests.

So, what happens next?

You will receive a letter from WRI in early March about the change of ownership to LPL. You do not need to take any action if you plan to continue using my services. During and after the transition to LPL, you will have full access to your accounts and I will continue to service them.

Keeping you informed

 I will stay in contact throughout the transition to LPL so that it is as seamless as possible. As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. I deeply appreciate your relationship and am sincerely grateful for your patience over the next several months.

To see a copy of the letter click here